Christmas Sale!!!!!!! 25% - 50% off Retail Prices!!

I can’t do international trades, but I will ship priority with tracking if I’m trading in the United States. I expect the other to ship priority with tracking as well.

Wants(Will trade all the yoyos here for any of the wants below.):

Snowday Avalanche(must be MIB or at least very close) ************************************************************************************ (You don’t even know how much I want this. If it’s cash you want, we’ll sort out a deal. I can trade all three yoyos AND include some cash if you want.)
Any other Avalanche*******************
Majesty(Half Red/Half Gray or ******)*********** (Want this sooooooo baddd!! Might even add!)
Confetti Cliff****** (Can I dream? Will add for this one just pm to work out a deal)
DS Wrath****

Not goin to give up three yoyos for this but I can trade my A La Mode or Hour for a Delrin Severe, preferably WHITE. Want Want Want!


Crucial A La Mode
Super near mint with only 1/2 barely visible marks that don’t break ano. Smooth. Awesome yoyo. Awesome color. $75

Werrd Hour
This throw is fast and smooth. Plays awesome but is a little too oversized for me. Has some 3A marks.

Recrev Number 9
Dinged up but really not that bad. Has a stuck axle and small bearing that I can’t get out. No worries, I’ll ship the original axle and Size C bearing it came with if you can take the stuck ones out. $25


Really want a wrath! I’m desperateeeeee

These are quality yoyos almost worth $200!!!

Half grey and half red majesty PLEASEEE

Just pm me that you got a Snowday. I want to at least get this far!!

Will take other Avas, but mostly want SNOWDAYY.