Christmas 2013 RALLY plus extras

New toys. Rally with a twisted trifecta and some ammo type x, in two awesome colors.

Very nice. Gotta get myself a Rally.

I’m enjoying my Rally a lot so far. After using the Shaqlerstar and Genesis+ for several weeks from the mystery box, I’m entirely impressed with this. Frankly, I think it handles finger grinds better than the genesis, and I love how nearly dead smooth it feels on really loopy tricks like Buddha’s Revenge and Cold Fusion. It feels less floaty than the Genesis, but less heavy than the star, and I really like the way the turned plastic feels. Now THAT’S unique. The Twisted bearing just made it more stable for me and is really quiet, which is kinda cool.

On a side note, Type X is the only premium string I’ve tried but really provides a nice contrast to all of the default strings, normal kitty string, and the one drop string. Much thicker and I think things would grab, but I can nail basic whips with this much nicer than any of the others. It’s also the only thing I’ve used that doesn’t cause some string burn, while not falling off my fingers because it’s too slippery, so that gives a good benchmark for trying out new strings in the future.

Now this is what I call a heck of Christmas. And this was only a fraction of the awesome stuff I got. Gotta love a fiance who’s family doesn’t worry too much about cost…