Chris, is this a joke?


This is kind of funny. Studio42/Chris Pickett, has turned into a BOFH. (Bstrd Operator From heck) He’s messing with the group member’s of Facebook’s “Sacramento Yo-Yo and Skill Toys” group. I got kicked out for trying to troll him a little haha. I wonder if he’s just messing with us. Maybe you guys should take a look?

  I guess he removed his posts heh. Oh well. This post is kind of useless now. Maybe delete it?

(Have fun with those cookies)


What do you mean “turned”?

I am the BOFH.

And if someone wants to cop an attitude on the group I run, they are gone. Period. I ain’t got time for that stuff. Zero tolerance for trolls. You even got warned and did it anyways.

(Owen) #3


Studio is awesomeeee