chris fraser

does any1 know what yoyo he was usin in his worlds freestyle? and, if he is, what team is he on?

Do you have a video? I couldn’t find one, but I didn’t search that hard either, LOL. Maybe I could tell from a video.


He’s using an 888, but he was also practicing on a Wooly. =)

He’s not on a team, but I’m sure he has plenty of offers flooding his inbox. Love that dude!

thanks man

He is a great yoyoer. I remember first seeing him on the video “Chris Frasier is Amazing” by Jayyo. Good stuff.

I am REALLY surprised that he’s not snatched up by a team. He must be picky. Adam Brewster was asked by a bunch of teams but he waited for what he wanted and got it. CLYW!

if you buy Throw 2008 he is in it.
he is really good at 1a

Chris is an awesome thrower.
I first saw him at Nats 07, he was practicing a ton before hi 1A and pretty much the whole contest he was standing near the 2yo booth just throwing with his ipod.
Even the day before the contest, I saw him standing outside the hotel by himself, ipod and all just practicing.
Very avid thrower.

He was never really well known, but I think after this worlds 3rd place finish, he will get noticed quite a bit more.
(And probably gain a sudden wave of friends…)



I got to meet him at ISYYC Harold and I were hanging out with him most of the time there, he uses and 888, cool kid hope to see him soon at another contest.

heh yah it was thanks to ur vid Chris Fraser is amazing that i know him. at first i was like “Who the heck is he?” so yah, hes been my fav ever since keep postin vids

chris fraser is about to be sponsored

he is now sponsored by yoyofactory

Yes he is, but there is no need to post in a year old thread to say that.

i agree is was almost a year ago. no problem just dont bring back a old topic

Maybe you mods could set something up that auto-locks threads that are over x months old or something. Just brainstorming. :smiley: