Chopsticks with a Superstar?


The superstar was the first metal I ever wanted to get. I’ve finally decided to get one. But I don’t know if I can do chopsticks with it. I’ll still probably get it anyway though. Thanks for the help! I can spread my thumb and finger pretty far btw.


Any yo-yos especially Superstar yo-yo, can do chopstick tricks.

Happy Throwing! =]


Chopstick tricks are easier with smaller yo-yo’s, but they aren’t impossible with full sized ones. I do chopsticks with larger yo-yo’s a lot, and never miss.


Chopsticks are possible with ANY yoyo on th emarket these days. I would take doing chopsticks with large yoyos a good way to practice.


As long as it’s a 1a yoyo and not a 4a yoyo (i.e. BigYo, Aquarius, etc…) you can do chopsticks with it.

(Cinimod105) #6

Actually, you can do chopsticks with any yoyo so long it is smaller than the maximum length between your index finger and your thumb.


I can do it on a Hayabusa, and its bigeer than that lenth.

The SuperStar will be fine for Chopsticks.

(JonasK) #8

I bet Drew Tetz can do chopsticks on a BigYo lol…

But then he’s a MUTANT :o