Chik or 54?


I’m not sure if I should get a Chik or a 54. I want a really smooth yoyo that plays pretty fast. After doing some research about both of them, I am sort of leaning towards the 54. What do you guys think? Also, does the 54 come with brass domes as well as aluminum spikes? In some reviews the brass domes were mentioned, and in others they weren’t.


I haven’t tried a chik, so all im going to say is the shape looked cool (yup, I forgot to try one :slight_smile:
The 54 was too light for my liking… That might make it a little fast though. The side effects make it fun and customizable. I overall liked it I guess. I’d go for the chik.


Did your 54 come with brass domes?


Chik definitely.


the chik is pretty nice


You can definately get a 54 for cheap on the BST whereas the chik isn’t cheap yet

Just pick up a used mint 54 in the $40 to $50 range and wait for the chiks popularity to drop and the price will too


I think they come with spikes and brass domes. I have spikes in mine. I could be wrong though. I’m going off memory. Don’t trust what I’m saying right now.

I like the Chik a lot more than the 54.


I think I’m going to get a Chik now. What do you guys like about it more?


Hard call man. Both are great. Chik is one of my go to carries but the 54 plays so smooth on the string and was my intro to Side Effects so I have a soft spot for it.


It wasn’t mine, it was my friends uncle


Mine didn’t. They said the older runs did, once the price went to 85, it came with only spikes.


I prefer my 54 with the spikes in it. I did try the domes, they just didn’t “do it” for me.