One Drop Chik VS 3yo3 AL5


Okay so i have decided on the One Drop Chik, and the 3yo3 AL5. Can you help me decide which one to get. I looked at the 100+ ones and for some reason the haven’t appealed to me as much as these two yoyos have. Thanks in advanced.


The Chik looks better to me.


I’ve played the AL5 and it’s a wonderful yoyo. I have not played the Chik.

I would still probably go for the Chik if it were my money. Thing just looks great.


I have heard nothing but good about these. The chik is more h-shaped, and the al5 is a v. You could look up highspeedyoyo’s reviews on both of these.


So I refreshed my memory on the AL5 yesterday. Y’know… as I mentioned, I haven’t played the Chik yet. I want one.

But that AL5 was a special yoyo. Extremely smooth on the string, light, yet seemed to have spin for days. Stable without feeling you had no control over it.

It’d be hard to go wrong with an AL5, also. I know, very helpful. :wink:


both great but my preference is the chik