Chicago Yo-Yo Club - World Records attempts, poker chip dangerous tricks.......and #yoyodamage


Bumping bc I’m moving to Chicago and have never got to throw with other people like this! How can i become part of this awesome group if i dont have facebook :sweat_smile:

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By getting Facebook.

Talking to us old farts seen on them photo. They old tho. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Haha i will make a Facebook just to join you guys

Is this club still meeting? I couldn’t find the Facebook page. I saw y’all used to meet at cat and mouse (rip) so maybe the fb page went down when they closed? Thanks!

Don’t think they are, they hiatus’d starting at Covid and we were the ones to get them together once. You can try to coax a couple of them out of woodwork with DMs.

I also on the inside know that plans fell through for IL states for this year. Best bet for nearby contests this year would be MWR next month in Minneapolis or Michigan States in Swartz Creek Oct 7.

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Where is info on this?

IG @michiganstateyoyocontest

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This Chicago Yo-Yo Club sounds lit! I’ve always been a fan of yo-yo tricks and poker, so combining the two sounds like a blast. And dangerous poker chip tricks? Count me in! Plus, attempting world records?