Cherrybomb and Tigershark

I recently placed an order for some string and noticed the Team Losi Cherrybomb and Spintastics Tigershark were back in stock. If you have never played either of these, I suggest you pick them up. With the surge in responsive play, take yourself back to the source. Even if you just get a Cherrybomb to shoot the moon with, it’s 8.00 well spent.

Indeed. Great players of their era. Still good today.

Yes I’d been eying off those two on the store, they look fantastic. I think I might just pick those up when I order some strings as well.

I have both. I do not play with them often but I do enjoy them and they were nice additions to my collection. Another fun inexpensive throw is the Yomega Alpha Wing.

I like the Alpha Wing. It’s a lot like a Duncan Butterfly, but the the alignment of the halves is more consistent.

The only complaint I have about it is that the plastic it’s made from is soft, I can scratch it with my nail. I think that is to avoid the smashed candy look that the Butterfly gets when it hits the ground.

I still have a Tigershark, and a silver series Cherrybomb.