cheep yoyo

hi all i am going 2 b teaching a yoyo badge for my scout club and am looking 4 a good cheep ball bearing yoyo than i can buy without spending 2 much money. i though of the mosquito. aney other ideas?

                        yoyos rule

you can try to contact yoyojam directly to buy projams, they are good beginner yoyos and yyj will sell them to you for events like what you are doing.

or you could get kicksides or lyn furys, both are great yoyos and are pretty cheap.

Well if you need a cheap ball bearing yoyo. The mosquito is a choice, but you van also get the Flying Squirrel which is a weighted mosquito. You can also look into a FAST 201 or a Spinstar. None of these yoyos are over 10 dollars, so you won’t spend a lot of money.

Addment: What tricks are you supposed to do?

we need 2 do all of the biginner and a couple of the intermediate tricks in the lern section of this site.

fast 201 sounds good,you can also mod them so they rock!

you could possibly contact YYJ or YYF for a bulk order it might work

thanks 4 all the ideas!