check in.


haven’t been pretty active lately on here. just sayin whats up. been busy doing nothing. 5a skills have been honed. need to get a new throw. growing bored with the summit as well as the token. court got pushed to October. going to try to get a triton before I go back to da bighouse, ,hah.
I started running. feels good. and ive been playing a lot of hacky sack.

(M.DeV1) #2

I was wondering where you disappeared off to! Glad to hear that you’re doing alright.

Stay safe!


Have you seen the new ODs soon to be released, the Valor and Format C? They look dope! And I started making hackysacks out of leather! Hit me up man, long time no talk


I found a nickel Trition on ebay and the starting bid is $60.


yea, id like a format:c at some point. I make my own hacks too! Never tried leather. How do you make yours?