Cheatcode vs. DNA: which is better for fingerspins?

Both the Cheatcode and the DNA are advertised as the ultimate yoyo for learning fingerspin tricks. The Cheatcode is substantially wider and about 1g heavier than the DNA. Does that make it the better choice?

For anyone who has tried both, which do you think is better for learning to fingerspin? Which do you like better, and why?

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Cheatcode by far. I haven’t had it do a full auto align from vertical but it catches and locks better than anything else. The dna’s doesn’t help at all so it’s just a yoyo with a dimple that you have to nail immediately. Cups like the shxx and shooting star give room to correct.


The cheatcode would be the better of the two. I’m going to interject a third option though, the yoyofactory bullseye. I really like the finger spin on the bullseye.

I have every cheat code color. It’s a nice yoyo. One of mine stripped very easy. I seen someone else with same problem. Both were gold/yellow cheatcodes. It is an awesome yoyo. I get my bullseye today and I’ll get back to you.

@LX_Emergency probably has some good input for this thread.

My opinion is, if you’re wanting to buy a yoyo to help you learn the DNA, the iYoyo Shooting Star and YoyoFriends AOE are the two best options for two reasons:

  1. They’re both extremely easy to finger spin.
  2. They’re both very inexpensive.

If you have smaller hands and/or thinner fingers, the AOE is perfect. If you have bigger hands and/or fatter fingers, it’s the Shooting Star.


Cheat code no contest the thing automatically directs itself to a fingerspin from like any angle

Oh wow, a topic I actually have/had the yo-yos being asked about.

Cheatcode- I no longer have this and I regret it. I enjoyed this so much more than the DNA. It’s so easy to finger spin and learn the DNA. I intend on getting a replacement.

YYF DNA- personally I don’t care for it all. It feels too light, plays without power. Mine eats string, I can’t find what is causing it, I can only think it’s the Matte Finish. The finger spin cup I feel is a bit small. If your finger tips are a bit thick, it might feel like your finger stops the spin.

YYF Bullseye- I know this wasn’t listed, but others posters have cracked the seal. This is my favorite yo-yo right now. Since I learned finger spin and DNA on the Cheatcode it did not take long to be able to lock in on it. For me there is something really satisfying about locking in the finger spin on a solid metal yo-yo.

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I think I do.

If you’re determined it’s going to be eaither DNA or Cheatcode.

Cheatcode for certain. It’s not even close.

I agree with @Blaidd_Drwg ,Cup on the YYF DNA is too shallow and it makes it easy to bounce the yoyo off your finger.

The Cheatcode has a nice deep fingerspin cup that centers. If you get your finger somewhere in to the cup…you’re basically golden.

That said, I didn’t like the cheatcode too much. It isn’t a great allround yoyo, but more importantly…I couldn’t get it to fingerspin easier or longer than my other fingerspin favorite. The iYoyo shooting star.

It also has a self centering cup. It has a wider fingerspin dimple (which means less contact with your finger which means longer times, shooting star outspun cheatcode on my fingers by like 2x) and it’s like half the price. I got rid of my cheatcode but currently have 2 shooting stars. Which should tell you my opinion.

I also however own a Bullseye…and that thing is most excellent. I’ll take a bullseye over a cheatcode any day. And it’s also, less than half the price of a cheatcode.

Another very good option is the Speedaholic XX if you have smaller fingers.

Or the Magicyoyo Skyva,

Or the Speedaholix FX

or the Atom Smasher




so many good yoyos, so little money


I already have a Shooting Star and a Skyva. In fact, I have quite a number of yoyos with fingerspin cups, but the Cheatcode describes itself as purpose designed to make learning fingerspinning almost trivial. If there is really no one yoyo that edges out all others when it comes to learning to fingerspin, then so be it, I’ll just work with what I have. But if the Cheatcode really does get a complete fingerspin newbie to a point of basic competence easier/faster than anything else, I’m willing to give it a try.

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I learned with a shooting star. At first I kinda had to gently bend my finger to find the dimple and would lose some spin time. Once I figured out how to land in the dimple I was surprised how long it spins for. You can get some really damn long fingerspins with the shooting star. You kinda gotta throw it more flat I found to get in the dimple compared to my yoyos without a dimple.

If you really just want a yoyo that makes it really, really easy to finger spin, I’d wait until tomorrow and get the AOE by YoyoFriends. It should by like $15, assuming it’s the same price as it was on their website. Unless you have fatter fingers it’s by far the easiest thing to finger spin. My kid went from struggling with the Shooting Star to mastery in about half an hour on the AOE.

In case you’re still asking, @zslane, you should really look into the PNIR by Yoyorecreation. Mine just arrived today from Japan and omfg it’s amazing.

@LX_Emergency you really need to get yourself one of these, dude. The finger spin cup is like the perfect cross between the Shooting Star and the AOE. Besides that it also plays like a comp style yoyo.

Yoyorecreation PNIR