Cheapest titanium?

(rizkiyoist) #1

For sparking purposes, what is the cheapest titanium? I don’t really care about playability as I’m not too picky.


TiMe is the cheapest I know of

(rizkiyoist) #3

We have a local retailer who sell Koreyoshi for Rp 3000000 (231 usd) but not TiMe, are they about the same price?


TiMe’s the cheapest right now at $170. I saw a 2Sick Rook in good condition going for $105 on the bst yesterday by proboscis, that’s a steal Id jump on that if I were you.

If Magicyoyo ever made a Ti I wonder how much it’d cost…


ricochet is also pretty cheap


Richochet was $200 I think, and I think they’re discontinued. And even if they’re still being sold the TiMe is cheaper and I’m pretty sure it plays better too.


Seconded. I have both yoyos and TiMe outplays Ricochet by far.


I was more thinking along the lines of getting it cheap off the BST