Cheap Token!! $22 SHIPPED (Added more pics!)

I can’t do international trades, but I will ship priority with tracking if I’m trading in the United States. I expect the other to ship priority with tracking as well. I also can’t do paypal since I don’t have a credit card.

Also, if I don’t repond to your pms within 3 days, it is a no, although I will try to respond to all messages.

Wants (shoot me an offer and I will add):
Avalanche (Comeback or Old)**
Code 1***
7075 Catalyst**

Plastic Wants (trade my Token straight up for one of these unless otherwise stated):
Alpha Crash (red only and mint/smooth)
Protostar (mint and smooth)
Shaqlerstar (mint and smooth)
Trigger (not really wanted but must be mint and smooth)
C3 Halo (will add)
Delrin Severe (will add)

Crucial A La Mode PENDING
Super near mint with only 1/2 barely visible marks that don’t break ano. Smooth. Awesome yoyo. Awesome color. $50 SHIPPED

C3 Token
Near mint. Only a few tiny scratches that don’t break ano. Comes with box. A little stripped, but can still be unscrewed/screwed, just don’t take the axle out of BOTH sides. $22 SHIPPED

Damage Pics:

bump with more pics!

all i have that you want is a halo but its broken and c3 wont email me back but i do have other things