FS/T Canvas. LF: YYR, Chief, Cocytus.


Know that I’m now looking more to sell than trade. Shipping costs are getting ridiculous.
I do Paypal or you can send the money in a BOX, not an envelope. Just like you’d send a yoyo.

Paypal must be sent as Gift, I have plenty of feedback (on yyn) and post all the time, so you can trust me.
Trades only for specific wants:

YYR Stargazer v2-3, Messiah, Acrophobia, Blink, Dreadnought(for a deal.)
YoyoJoker - Cocytus, Luminous.
VsNewton - Skywalker, Septopus, Flying Hut <-(for a deal)
Caribou Lodge - Chief, Canvas. Palli Gnarwhal.
X³ - ZeuS.
Yoyofactory - C22, Super G<-(only for a good deal.)
Anti-yo - BPZL.
Oxygene - OzOne, Ti2011.

I really want a Clashcube.

I respond to all pm’s.

Mr. Curmudgeon Oil Canvas -
MIB, just got it. Not for sale, but will trade for wants.


the bottom one is the Batman Noctu. I’m not really looking to trade it unless i get a crazy offer.






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