LF: CLYW Canvas

UPDATE! Hi, I’m desperately looking for canvas. Any color will do. I have these following jos for trade, and I’m willing to trade more than one yoyo. Here’s my trade list:

  1. YYR Messiah (Pink) - NMIB. Very smooth
  2. YYR Overdrive 2012 (RAW) - NMIB, slight fingernail vibe. Small spot on the side rim.
  3. TP Leviathan 1 (Pink) - Mint with pouch. Very smooth.
  4. TP Solenoid (Red) - Mint with pouch
  5. CLYW Kayak - 1 pinprick (see pic). Veery smooth. No vibe
  6. Crucial Delicious 44 Clash - NM, smooth.

I also have other jos, mostly YYR, YYF, and TP that I may consider to trade if you give me nice offer :wink:! Thanks!

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Just need the Canvas. Any color will do. I am willing to trade multiple yoyos for one depend on the offer. Thanks.