Cheap throws! Everything's gotta go!


Alright guys. I am in need of some cash money, so offer up! All prices are not final and everything is Shipped. Please pm me if interested. All yoyos are in great condition.

lunarwind made by UmeNagisa (old name Aznboyaz I believe)
Great player! I don’t use this thing enough. Comes with a Ceramic KK.

Pollished OD Chik
Only 1 pinprick I believe. Pollished by mulicabob. Again, I don’t use this enough.

Whimsy Aloha
Really good pocket throw. Super cool beadblast.

Please offer cash! I will trade all of these for a Berserker/RX/SS. About the only trade I want.
I will send more detailed pics if interested.






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I think you mean “except”. It confused me a bit at first.


Please offer! :smiley:


Please buy!

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