Cheap metals FS/FT


Hey guys, don’t throw these enough, and they aren’t worth much to me.

First up is a raw Dingo. It has a bunch of marks all around the rims. The previous owner had a wedding ring he yoyoed with and it left little marks. These don’t affect play whatsoever. Never been dinged on concrete. One of my smoothest throws, I couldn’t detect any vibe. Very fun, just don’t play it enough. Looking for $20.

Next up is a mint MFHZ. Current response is a Duncan silicone pad and a Chaz pad. Plays nice and unresponsive. Looking for $20 as well.

100 Packs of yellow highlights.
888 sized K-Pads
Lyn Fury
Clear Die
Offer anything

Some deals I’d do:
100 Pack of Highlights and 3 sets of 888 sized K-Pads for either of these

Starlite For either of these

Clear die for both of these + some cash

(yoyo jake) #2

A convict for a fhz


Bump. FHZs gone.

(PutridNebula) #13

Free Bump, The Hectic is gone everyone :smiley:

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