collins bst

ok guys i have a few throws i am wanting to sell/trade!!!

              DUNCAN THROWS
              *modded fhz black mint- $25
              [s]*regular fhz gold sparkle mint - $20                  [/s]                   
              *bead blasted momentum mint- $60

              YOYOJAM THROWS

              *xcon professional blue mint- $30
              *lyn fury blue/black few marks -$12

              WERRD THROWS

              *world 2011 edition poo mint- $90


              *supernova half pink/purple splash and half green/purple splash b-grade- $100
              *dv888 pink w/ silver splash signed by ann connely near mint- $50
              *starlite from jenson kimmit mint- $23
              *northstar white and red kinda beat jenson kimmit edition- $22
              *a pair of loop 900's blue both near mint- $40 for pair
              *monster purple few scuffs- $75
              *monster green mint- $85
              *b-grade 888 half blue and half sanded no hubstacks and no bearing near mint- $15

thanks for checking out my bst!!! add $3 to all prices for shipping!!! pics upon request!!!

necro bump. Hoping you still have the xcon pro if you ever sign on lol