Cheap, Metal Yo-yo recommendation

TopYo Silneus or the magicyoyo Z01 Focus are well worth the selling price.


yeah, I just think he wants a metal one. But if it were for me I might try it.

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Honestly, I think topyo is criminally underrated. They’re cheap and extremely well made and even better playing throws. The photon was maybe my third throw ever (well over 60 now), and I frequently pick it up still. Felt the itch to add something new to my collection and got the t.r.y. and it’s basically all I’ve been throwing for a few weeks now!


I’ve been wanting to pull the trigger on that one for a minute now. How does it play can u compare it to anything?

T.r.y. feels very similar to the OD Intro, but I feel like it plays much better. The blasted finish also makes it feel a lot better in hand and it grinds like a champ!