Chaos Strings from OneDrop

I ordered 50 Chaos strings from OndDrop, and I was wondering if they are that much better than my YYN hightlites. Anyone used them yet. I know you love M1 Samad, have you tried their strings yet?

You mean from OneDrop? I love them, I ordered 1000 strings from the guy who makes them. (I hooked him up with onedrop)

Chaos strings are my string of choice. I think I have a micro review on my site

How do you order strings from M1? Is M1 a site? lol, jk :wink:

Anyway, I have not tried Chaos String as far as I know. I have heard that they are good. However, I really like Perfect Fit String, and it is my personal favorite now. If you want to buy them, ask ape7566. These are great hand-made strings, and last a while. They are a Poly/Nylon blend, and are great. A little slick and rought at first, but after about a day, it breaks in, and is so great. Buy it, it is great stuff. Also, if you request a color, I am sure he will make one for you :smiley:

But if you want to try them, trust dryoyo’s judgement :slight_smile:

Yeah OneDrop, man I need to make sure I’m fully awake before I post anymore. I hate mornings. I’m sitting at work only half awake lol. And thanks for the reply…man I cannot wait for the Pistolero/Chaos string combo.

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Good call.