Changing sides

Do you guys think it is okay to pair a side of the yoyoexpert edition Dark Magic with a side of a normal Dark Magic? Do you think that it would be unequal(due to the weight of the annodisation)?

After an anodizing process, the weight is not necessarily increased. Anodizing consists of three processes.

1.Etching. Putting the objects into some acid, causing it to lose some of its mass. This is crucial to the next process
2.Dyeing. This is where color is added to the object.
3.Sealing. Sealing the dye, and also supposed to add teh same amount of mass removed in step 1.

You can mix halves. I don’t think it will improve play, but I don’t think it will compromise it either. And people have mixed halves of different yoyos before without major mishaps. And you can always unscrew the halves if you don’t like the result.

Addment: I think regular+anodized would look horrible though.

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If you attached it so that it had double o-ring then the play would be slightley different

Garsh how could I forget…

You have the possibility of great dual-silicone action here domin.

Or dual starburst! Kick it oldschool!