Can you strip ano?


I want a shinny silver throw.
Can I just use acetone or something to strip the ano off of a throw I already have?
Or does it have to be sanded?


Ok, I just found the other thread about this with a video.
Mods can delete this if they want.


As you’ve discovered acetone and other solvents will not work.
I’ll leave this in case anyone else has the same question.

This link contains a video describing a process to do it…
Anyone ever try De Anodizing a Bi Metal? Advice greatly appreciated!

Use the search function to find more info that is posted here.


On a tangent of the original question: if you de-anodize one side of the yoyo, would this throw off the weight distribution or anything of the entire yoyo?


I’m pretty sure not, since I’ve seen people put two totally different yoyos together, but I have no experience.


I did a new breed/ dark magic 2 combo for a bit. Okay, well I may try it out :slight_smile:


You can check my post. I tried one side de-anodize a MYY T5, and I can tell you from my experience it did not. :wink:


Did not affect play or did not work?


Stripping one side will not affect play.




The anodized layer is only approximately 15 microns thick, removing such a small amount of material shouldn’t mess with it at all.


So it wouldn’t effect it either if I deanodized the bearing seat and such?




So I finally had time to do this today. Do you guys like it or think I should take the rest off the middle?


I think it looks way better like that.


Thanks :slight_smile: I personally like it but I had so many people that told me to take the rest off… Only matters what I think, right :wink:


If i deanodise my gradient will it retain its smoothness? And if i have to polish it to keep it smooth do i have to keep polishing it?


My dv888 is still really smooth after I deanodized half of it…


And can i de ano the bearing seat and the side effect seat