Ceramic bearing


Will lube make the bearing slowdown?


Don’t lube it at all. Or clean it. It ruins ceramics.


Introducing a viscous liquid like lube into anything will slow it down. That said, I was under the impression that ceramic bearings didn’t need lube.



They don’t need lube, but it’s a myth that lube will ruin them. You might choose to lightly lube (just as you would with a steel bearing) to help tame noise levels.

I even got a ceramic bearing that came pre-lubed. Had to use the paper slip cleaning technique on it.

Personally, if I knew it didn’t need lube, I would never lube it. If I want a quieter throw for some reason, I will simply swap in a lubed 10-ball rather than mess with the ceramic.


They never need lubed, but they do still need cleaned like any other bearing.