Ceramic bearing is noisy?

(Oanh) #1

I have 1 Dif e yo cearamic bearing, it become noisy so much so I decided clean it. After cleaning, It run well again without lube ( about 20 seconds). Then I lube my bearing with one drop dry lube but It run noisy again and sleep shortly (only 8 seconds)??. Please give me advice, I need it so much. Thank everyone

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Check this out!


You can also try thin lube, I’ve used that before on ceramics and it works fine. Same disclaimers apply, make sure you use a tiny amount and compressed air spin out any excess.


I don’t understand this part. Dry lube doesn’t come in drops, unless you’re talking about "Dark Matter“?

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Hi! It is Revolution BB lube (is sold by Store Rewind)


OK, it looks to be similar to YYF’s Dark Matter; which is a micro-particle dry lubricant suspension.

I would give it more of a chance to “break in” after application. My guess is that after following the procedure you’ve been using, the bearing will free up, if you just give it a chance.

I suggest you throw hard sleepers, and test the responsiveness. The yo-yo should become less and less responsive, and in a little while you should be good to go. That’s been my experience with dry lubes. Hope this works for you!