Celebrating end of 4th month throwing :) Amateur

I used GoPro2 :stuck_out_tongue: and camtasia 8 to “edit”  showing some basics tricks that i already know :slight_smile:

enjoy watching :slight_smile:

any toughts? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You’re making great progress! I wasn’t that good two months ago (I’ve been going for six months). I even saw a couple new things (to me, that is), like that tower variation you did. I was also surprised when I saw that rad arm trick! I want to be able to do that SOOO bad.

There is one thing I didn’t like though…you repeated a LOT of stuff. That video should have been quite a bit shorter. And you kept the “Is it over?” question on the screen for way too long.

Oh yeah, and it could have used a little frontstyle.

Nice! You were about as good as me when I was at 4 months, maybe a little better :slight_smile: great stuff!