Catalyst Bearing is Stubborn


Oh hey, I have another problem.

The bearing on my Catalyst has gotten pretty responsive. Using lube hasn’t really helped and I figured I would just switch it out with a spare bearing that I happen to have. Problem is, it seems to be stuck on to the bearing seat pretty tight, to the point where my multitool just won’t get it off. Any suggestions on what to do? It’s my best throw at the moment and I don’t have the money to just give up and buy another one.

Any responses are appreciated, thanks.


You might not have to replace the bearing. Adding more lube tends to make them more responsive (which seems counter-intuitive, I know) rather than less. Try giving it a soak in some mineral turpentine. Of course, this would require you to remove the bearing which brings us to the next bit.

If the multi-tool isn’t working, there are three things you could try:

  1. Use a quarter inch diameter piece of pipe. It’s a bit longer than a multi-tool and should give you a bit more leverage.
  2. Wrap the bearing in some cloth and use a pair of pliers to wiggle it out.
  3. Chuck the yoyo and bearing in the freezer for a bit. By some process which I can only explain as alchemy, the yoyo will shrink faster when cooled than the bearing which might give you just enough wiggle room to get it out.

Hope that helps.


(Waylon) #3

The open area near the joint on a standard set of needle nose pliers fits a c size bearing perfectly. Be gentle but firm. I once destroyed a bearing by not being gentle.


Alchemy…physics…same thing…

But yeah, the freezer technique has worked for me with a super stubborn bearing. Left it in there for around half an hour I think, might have been a bit longer.


Using the multitool, don’t just wiggle the bearing left and right - it’ll just have a tendency to push the bearing back in place. Instead, wiggle in a circular fashion. Don’t be afraid to put a bit of force as long as you’re wiggling circular.

Good luck.