cascade Bearing

So the bearing on my cascade just died >:( should i buy another one drop 10-ball or is there any better ones i should consider

Awwww…, that sounds very aggravating! >:(

Any Size C (.250 x .500 x .187) Bearing will probably work. Try a Golden Centertrac, regular CT, or a Dif-E-Yo. (You may also want to just try cleaning the bearing you have unless it has fallen apart or completely locked up. :wink: )

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Twisted tri fecta, Gold center track, Platinum center track. Crucial grooved, Konkave all great!

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When my bearing locked up, I lubed it (with about one drop) and turned it until it spun. Then I slapped it into a Yoyo and broke in the lube. I’ve saved so many bearings that way.