Cars with yo-yo names?


I was driving home today and saw a mazda protegé, and i was like “Thats a yo-yo name!” This made me curious, HOW MANY CARS HAVE YO-YO NAMES?
–Cars With Yo-Yo Names–



fiesta (ford)



Whole brand!

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Didn’t Acura make a car called the JonRob Genesis?


There is Hyundai -Genesis-

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If I could hug you for this, I would


::slight_smile: Sorry guys i didnt make this clear… Continue the list thx. :wink:

1.Protegé (Mazda)
2.Fiesta (ford)
3.Genesis (Hyundai)

Nice one :smiley:

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Toyota Supra.


Ford Avalanche


well, it should actually be yoyos with car names since most cars came out years before the yoyos did.

That said

Subaru Legacy

Chrysler Imperial

Audi TT

Nissan Skyline

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Aston Martin MKII (SPYY MKII)


Dodge Viper (Henry’s Viper)

Oldsmobile Aurora (NSYYC Aurora)

Toyota Echo (Duncan Echo)

Isuzu Axiom (YYJ Axiom)

Chrysler Sigma (YYJ Sigma Blade Zwei) close enough!

Dodge Dynasty (YYF Die-Nasty) Close enough!

Chevy Equinox (YYJ Equinox)

Pontiac Phoenix (HSpin Phoenix)

Mitsubishi Spyder (SPYY Spyyder)

Toyota Supra (SPYY Supra)

Plus, for the sake of joking:

Chevorlet Camaro (Duncan Bumblebee)


Not to be a pain in the rear, but for the sake of accuracy, the Avalanche is a Chevrolet…

Oh and is Plymouth Fury close enough? (YYJ Lyn Fury)

Have Fun,


No, but there is an ILOVEYOYO fury. :wink:


Hahaha my mistake… thnx for correcting :stuck_out_tongue:


Or there was just the sigma blade, which is a bit closer than the sigma blade zwei. :wink:


the equinox is also a car