Carioco Yoyo Trick

i found a tut by Xela and one by Jorpo(Jorpodos) that both show this trick! Xela uses a houdini mount and Jorpo uses the wrist mount. this vid is using the wrist mount.

What does Carioco mean?

Carioco Means Madman… just researched it

IDK about wrist mount but I learned a trick called Super Carioco that has this in the second half with houdini mount and all you do is mount it in houdini mount and do those motions.

Lol nvm I realized it’s the video you already saw… lol

easier said than done… those motions and that maneuver are different making super carioco different from the Carioco trick… that is an atomic bounce style move and has a different body adjustment… but just as fun!!!