Caribou Lodge/Spyy Trade or Sale)

1.)Madhouse mint 5150 Blue and Brown $80

2.)Bassalope (Blue) small bearing $80
slight wobble one minor dent no scratch

3.)Blue Splash on Orange BVM (mint) $120

4.) Spyy Flying V (mint) $90

5.)White with black caps FH0 (takeshi cap/FH0 cap) $20

Cash (please Note i dont have a paypal) i accept Western union money transfers.
Bear vs. man (wolverine,blue on magenta,black on gray others)
Wolly marmots
campfire (red)
Punch line (baby blue)
09 wasabi (green)
Hugo Z Hor (purple/gold)
other metals just offer up thanks!

Let me know if ever thanks!!!

i have a nvx for trade if your interested