fs ft !! mint chief code 2 and more !! look inside want me some spyy!!!!!

well first off lets start with the wants:

punchline (repeator ororiganal but preferably origanal)**********
spyy pro******

chief ***
avant garde *
super g
2012 supernova ( only 2012 version)
2012 rockstar **
code 1

avalanche **

now what i have…
*** hard to get ** easier to get * not very hard no * = can get easily

chief:mint: black pink speckles 225$ but can change price a bit *** wont let this go easy

code 2 nautilus:mint:half blue half green 125$*** gone for a canvas

2010 rockstar:pink white acid unengraved… RARE:115$ **

please offer up even lowballs i just want some offers. im really looking for a mint canvas or a mint chief in a nice colorway also if you have any of my wants please pm me because i will make it worth your time