I recently ordered a capless and I’m wondering if it’s good for horizontals and/or grinds.
Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:


It’s probably not going to be the best grinder because of the shiny surface. It’ll probably shoot off of your hand if you try and do any grind without a glove on.

Judging by the shape of the yoyo it would probably handle horizontal tricks just fine.


I have one of them and it grinds just fine. =)



I stand corrected!! Take his word for it since he actually owns one.


It does grid but it isn’t very good. I own one and it is difficult to do palm grinds and finger grinds due to the finish, but arm grinds and thumb grinds are just fine. Not the best tho


I enjoy doing finger grinds with mine. Because of the “stickier” surface you can achieve an almost vertical angles with your finger. Looks like it is defying physics.


Don’t people typically ask such questions before deciding?

Almost any C3 is designed with horizontal play in mind. As far as grinds, some surface treatments work better than others for individuals. I will say grinding with a smooth yoyo is NOT fun!(as in a smooth surface!)


Sorry, I wasn’t thinking about it while deciding what to get. :-\