Can't Unscrew My One Drop

I recently bought a One Drop Terrarian. The bearing was loud, so I decided to lube it. But for some reason, I can’t unscrew it. Any tips? Are all One Drops like this?

Hit it with the backside of a butterknife, joking

I have always wondered if side effect yoyos could do that. Guess my question has been answered. Anyway you should get in touch with the retailer you bought it from. I can think of no trick to unscrew it. Sound like the yoyo halves are turning around the side effects instead of unscrewing. I own many side effect yoyos and have never had this happen. Sorry and good luck to you!

Actually, all One Drops are ‘not’ like that.

A One Drop that can’t be opened is about as rare as a tap dancing chicken wearing bib over-alls and break dancing to church music.

Either your yoyo finish is simply too slick to get a good grip or your grip isnt good enough to get the yoyo apart.

You need to give yourself a gorilla grip!

This is what you need to do> get two 6 inch pieces of clear 2 inch packaging tape. Or duct take if you don’t have any clear tape 2 inches wide.
…get one piece of the tape and stick about 1/4 wide to the edge of a table. Now roll the tape edge nearest to you overhand into a small tube; so that it looks like a straw.

Do the same thing with the 2nd piece.

Now stick one piece of the ‘rolled tape’ around the edge of the yoyo. Press the tape down as you stick it to the yoyo.

After you have both halves taped; get a good grip around the yoyo.

The tape will stick very well to the yoyo halves and your hands. The tighter you grip, you will have a very obvious increase in gripping power.

At that point you will have the awesomeness of the Gorilla Grip…

PS… in a reality based World; you should never have to resort to the Gorilla grip to get a One Drop yoyo apart.

The design of the side effects yoyos pretty much eliminates taking drastic measures.


^I’m not sure you’ve come to “grips” with the problem, yoyodoc


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I don’t why it was like that but I eventually unscrewed. Now it’s working fine.

Thats good news. I love my Terrarian. I was hoping everything worked out with your yoyo!

That was omegaweapon56’s thought on what was happening. Not the OP’s. Doc’s solution would have likely fixed the problem.

Which is why I said, “I’m not sure.”

I thought it more likely that omegaweapon56 surmised the problem correctly. I suppose the OP can settle it.