Can't take my yoyo apart


I’ve had the Dark Magic 2 for about 2 years, and I went to play with it today and decided to switch the string, but when I tried to take it apart it just feels like it’s sliding as I twist it. So what I think the problem is, is that the axle is stripped. How do I fix this if I can’t take the yoyo apart?


pull apart when you unscrew it.
One of the solid spin nuts is probably spinning inside the body. Also if this is the case you are going to have too glue it down or figure out a way to keep it in place.


Or just trade n buy a new one ;D


Did you know you don’t have to take it apart to change the string? Just untwist the string about 2 inches near the body. Slip it out. Untwist the new string about 2 inches at the end. Slip it on and retwist it.

But as noted you may have stripped out the internal threads.