Can't Decide, suggestions please!


Hello, thanks for reading. Basically I’m going to get a new yoyo for 5A. I’m using the echo now, and i am getting a little bored of it. i Find that tilts too easily. the echo has been my main for quite a long time, Cos its the only yoyo that i have for 5A ( my winning bird died :frowning: ) .
Anyway, could you suggest a yoyo that is:

-Somewhat wide( more than 41 mm wide )
-Rim weighted
-Somewhat heavy (68g and above)
-STABLE ( wont tilt too easily )

  • Below 90 bucks



OH yea, forgot to mention two more conditions
-Can do horizontals tricks.

  • delrin or metal
    Thanks again.

(YoYo_Freak) #3

You should look at the C3YoYoDesign Yeah3


this or if you have to go cheaper a Di base