Candy Tutorials: Tricky Tiny Triangle


New video XD


i really liked that one…definitively will be learning it. thanks!


Thanks dude i hope you have fun learning it :smiley:


Cool trick and great tut! Very helpful. About to start practicing it! :slight_smile:


Thaks dude hope you have fun practicing it :slight_smile:


well…ive got it…but for some reason i keep ending up cross armed when i go into the tiny triangle??? is it cuz im a lefty for some reason? its almost like the triangle is backwards…i still pop out the front though.


Well when you land into the triangle you are in a sort of backwards triangle so that might be why :slight_smile: and also your lefty so it might change some things but not alot :slight_smile:


meh either way i like it. just need to get the string hops smoothed out and ill be good to go. plus the cross arm looks kindda cool, just a little more tricky to pop it out the triangle


Just keep practicing dude i know you can do it :smiley:


Great trick. Great video. Great tutorial.


Thanks dude really appreciate the support :slight_smile: