Holy Crud...


Just now, i trying to do reverse flying trapeze gt’s, and i suddenly got this wierd t-shape. Then i crossed my arms, and i saw something beautiful… A CROSS ARM RED TRIANGLE! I am currently trying to recreate it… Anyone know of a tutorial? Or did i make it up?


i dont get your there there r soooo many different ways to get in to a cross-armed red triangle


Great Job! I’ve never heard of (or seen) a crossed arm red triangle! Keep it up, and good luck recreating it!


Weird. I got into a cross-armed Red Triangle yesterday, too. I doubt I’ll be able to get back into it though…I know the exact movements I did, but not so much about how I caught the string and stuff.


Wow, I’ve been trying to do that for almost 1 1/2 month(s). Great job Rsmod!

Happy Throwing! =]

(Jei Cheetah) #6

I figured out how to do a normal flying trapeze red GT a while back, but a cross arm?

Very cool!

Nice job figuring it out!

I don"t know how to do em but if you ever figure it out, make a video and post it!

Good luck!




This is kinda like one, But I also got into a while back but no clue how… from a tower of sorts.

EDIT:  Got it! Do a reverse Trapeze, but then pull the string on one side of the trapeze through the
non-THand  loop… this makes no sence but still…


wow,good job!


lol some of you dont understand. I was doing this -


And i was trying to do it so that i get into reverse green triangles. Eventually, i got into a reverse red triangle. Can’t recreate it though :frowning: Tried all night  >:(