Canadian Nats 2012

On Saturday August 18, 2012, the Canadian National Return Top Championship was held in Calgary.
This was me and my friends fist time going to a contest, and even though we didn’t compete, we had so much fun.
I met some great people and learned some great things from them. I met Alexis J.V, who is a player from Spyy, Harrison Lee, who is part of CLYW, and Jeremy Meugens from Monkeyfinger. They are all awesome people, and I met even more great personalities.
I finally learned Magic Drop, also! Jeremy, if you are reading this, thank you so much!
I bought a couple throws, too. Being only 13, My parents got sort of angry when I came home with 90$ out of my wallet, and only two new yoyos. I bought a blue String Theory Quark, for 50$, which retails for around 80 here at YYE. I also got a raw Spyy Addiction for 30$, normally selling for 110$. Iv’e always wanted a Spyy Addiction, so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. It has a bit of vibe, but I plan to tune it soon. As for the Quark, I tried it, and fell in love with it. I love that it is undersized, and still has a good weight to it.
But you may be asking, who won?
For 1A prelims, Alexis won with around 93 points. When I was hanging out with him, I told him he would win for sure.
For finals, I was correct! Alexis is the 2012 Canadian Return Top Champion. he also gets seeded into 2013 Worlds finals!
For open division, guess who it was. Alexis again! His 4A performance was nearly flawless!
Nats was a lot of fun for me, and I’m already preparing my prelim for next year. :wink:

(I’ll try to get pics of my new stuff up soon. :slight_smile: )

Keep Throwing.

Awesome stuff.

So Jensen was a no show, huh? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I wish he was there, even if he didn’t compete.

Don’t we all. …Sigh…

Well I want to see some vids of Alexis’s freestyle.

None so far on YouTube, and my camera is essentially obsolete so I didn’t bother bringing it.

Awesome that Alexis won, thanks for telling us! When I saw that Charles took second I couldn’t fathom who could have possibly beaten him but now I can understand how that would be possible. They’re both amazing for sure.


The videos just need to have the sponsors edited in. As soon as that is done, they will be uploaded by Ibrahim.

What I got from the contest:

  • ? colorway Puffin
  • Black Bip Bop Puffin
  • El Ranchero
  • Comeback Avalanche
  • Chief
  • Orbitron 5000
  • H5xChief
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Oh, Paolo, don’t forget that one kid who just did Mach 5 for his entire prelim. That was hilarious.

OH YEAH! at least he didn’t get deducted points for messing up, lol.

Killing two birds with one stone. Bump, and here is Alexis’ winning final performance. Taken from his YouTube channel. :slight_smile:!

Thanks man I really appreciated meeting you also, great post too!
Keep yoyoing and don’t forget to have fun :slight_smile:

My 1A finals:

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Thanks, Alexis! Hanging out with you was great. :slight_smile: