Can you throw too much?

I must have thrown the return top for about 9 hours today. I’m super noob and just wanted to get some playing in b/c I haven’t had a yoyo in over 5 years. I got a bit of string burn and a couple cases of ‘purple finger’ but I still feel like learning new tricks and practicing hard. I should probably get a decent nights sleep though because I have to sign when I get my MARMOT!!! delivered tomorrow(oh gawd I’m exiceted). Anyways this is kinda becoming a rant. repeat topic here

You can never throw too much :wink: just dont burnout, and enjoy that marmot! I have one coming too!!! :slight_smile:

As long as you’re still having fun, keep on keeping on! When the pain starts to overwhelm the fun you’re having, give it a break.


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Omg that’s spot on! Thanks

As long as your finger doesn’t fall off you’re good.

I suppose you can…

One word yes

In other news I can get overuse in my shoulder the next day from old string and throwing hard mostly from the day before. Usually that stuff happens after a competition for me.

Yes if it starts to impact your life in a negative way like killing your gpa in school.

This is what’s happening to me with Cubing. It isn’t good :frowning:

If you put your Yo-Yo away and your wife says “what’s that sound ???”
you might have thrown too much.

If you TH middle finger turns a mystery shade of green…
you might have thrown too much.

If every time you reach for something with your dominant hand, your NTH pointer sticks out…
you might have thrown too much.

My fingers a raw most days of my life now, my skin splits at times where it has come into contact with the string all day long, my skin on my pointer finger and other fingers are not healing as fast as they should be… but that does not stop my^^.

Tape yur fingers. I do it. My fingers start getting white like I was rubbing a knife on my finger. My finger is jacked right now. Im letting it heal. By waiting for my new throws ;D

Yup tape helps.

What is cubing?

Solving a Rubik’s Cube, or some variation, as fast as possible… Aka speed cubing.

my throw hand finger is full of callouses and tiny scabs (sorry ladies) and i occasionally feel pain in my shoulder from throwing but that could be from the way I sleep.I guess you could say I throw too much :stuck_out_tongue:

I unfortunately suffer from mild carpal tunnel syndrome and too much throwing absolutely exacerbates my condition. My right wrist has taken quite a beating over the years with too much time at a computer, playing the piano, throwing a yoyo, etc…there are times I can’t throw for days due to wrist/nerve pain. That being said as long as you’re not an old man (I’m 32) you probably shouldn’t have too much to worry about!

I have no yoyo injuries, I anious if a bearing is dirty and I have no way to clean it.