Can you origami?

Does anyone here do origami? I love it. What’s the coolest thing that you’ve made?

I do! if you give me a pad of square sticky notes in school, the pad of sticky notes will have my full attention for the rest of the class.

I made these with some students from Shizuoka University. It was pretty fun.

The most difficult origami that I can do.

(Origami Koi Fish)

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I do it all the time, as an alternative hobby to yoyoing ;D

That dollar Koi is absolutely awesome! ;D

I’ve dabbled in it over the years. My crowning achievement was being able to make a Kawasaki Rose, although it used to take me like 2 hours to make each one. I still remember how to make eagles, and I do them here and there just to impress people, but some of the stuff that some people can make with one sheet of paper just boggles the mind.

I think the great thing about origami is how much you get out of it. Not only do you get the satisfaction of turning a simple sheet of paper into an artwork of your choice using nothing but your own hands, but other people can get joy out of seeing you do it, even if they themselves know nothing about it. They make awesome little gifts that you can give whenever you want, and yet they cost next to nothing to make. Plus for entertaining young kids, it’s pretty much magic to them. :slight_smile:

Oh, also, it has to be the worlds cheapest hobby.

This has rekindled my interest actually. I need to learn how to make one of those Koi.

How much money did the fish cost? :smiley:

Dazzler lol.

I made an origami swan with 450 units.