does anyone do origami?
I folded bahamut a couple of weeks ago

I did it more when I was younger. I was always a bit too clumsy with the folds to make anything really complicated, but it’s pretty fun. I’ve still got a few books of designs from when I was younger and occasionally fold something as a small gift for someone or something. Do you have any pictures of your Bahamut, or any other designs you particularly like?

I know it’s not exactly the same thing as origami, but in the spirit of making stuff out of paper, Trace does some really cool papercrafts.

I do. I knew it before yoyoing, sometime the design is really hard to get, but that’s why it’s interesting. BTW, I achieved a difficult one couple weeks ago, the Koi Fish, a design of Won Park. :slight_smile:

I can (or was able to) do a couple of things a while ago, but I haven’t done anything for at least a year.

I still do! Recently I made this awesome looking turtle and a tiger! Oh yeah and this also the reason why I have sticky notes In my pencil pouch for school.

i made origami hearts on valentines day hahah