Can u satin a yomega fireball?

Was wondering if u can satin a fireball?


How what will it do to the yoyo?

Brian(not Apetrunk), there’s no point of satining a Fireball, because you won’t use it for grinding.

Didn’t I tell you this before?

Hmm… You need to check your updated topics.

You can, but there’s not really a point… It might look a little cooler… but it’s not really worth it, i don’t think.

Are their any mods for fireball I can do because it sleeps for about 3 sec and I want to use it for looping

You don’t really need to to sleep for learning looping. Just work on getting inside loops, outside loops, hop the fence, and shoot the moon down very very very very very well with both hands. Ok, well at least inside loops or hop the fence. Then you can start learning to put both hands together and maybe at that point getting a pair of loopers.

k thanks

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Well actually, I’ve been telling him to do that.

Brian, please.

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No u haven’t vivo

Hmmm… You’re trying to mess with me don’t you?

Cough* Updated Topics *cough