Can the replay pro grind and/or finger spin very well?


I’m probably going to buy the yyf replay pro and I want to know the grinding capabilities


You can grind with a Replay Pro. Just have to get a good spin on it. Seen videos of Gentry grinding the heck out of em. You could maybe finger spin it. Would have to be quick on and off type deal. Adam at some other site has a quick clip of doing one on a Replay. Its a good throw. Iv had mine for about a year and a half and still plays great. Good choice.


It’s ok for grinds, not good for fingerspins.

Great throw overall though.


Don’t get it for grinds or fingerspins. That mistake, and I was not happy and returned it. I got another replay pro a while later, with no expectations of grinds, and my experience was much better. What’s your budget, and are you looking for a plastic or metal yo-yo? We can help. Or argue about helping😉

(Ian sims) #5

The replay was made to be OK for fingers pins and grinds but Don’t get it for that get a skyva for fingers spins or get a horizon for finger spins and grinds


As others have said, you can grind with it somewhat, but you need a monster of a throw. I have yet to meet a plastic yoyo that was a good grinder. Replay isn’t great for fingerspins either unless you’re ridiculously good at it. If you’re specifically looking for a plastic yoyo that you can grind a little and fingerspin, check out YYF Northstar. If it doesn’t have to be plastic, but you’re on a budget, consider a Shutter. I can fingerspin them almost as well as any dimple yoyo and they grind as well as any yoyo.


I heard the new g2 plastic is amazing for grinds hopefully I can try one at SEC