Can The Executive Be Setup As Responsive?

I’m wondering if The Executive yoyo (I guess specifically the Luftverk version) can be setup to play responsive? I know it comes setup for unresponsive play. I thought maybe one of their bearing blanks could be used, or a slim bearing might fit?

Does anyone know if this is the case? I’m no expert on bearing swapping, I believe sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn’t (without having to go into cutting down axles and other mods)

Thank you!

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I mean you can always just put in a seized up bearing and that’d be responsive. The question is does it play well/is it fun to play like that.


Have you tried just using thick lube in a flat C bearing yet? Works like a charm on a lot of throws.

May have to use a thick string as well.


Doesn’t play great and the yoyo will come flying off at any time. A seized bearing cuts strings extremely quickly.

@Hobbyguy just put a half spec or a bearing blank in it and see if the yoyo will close tightly around the bearing, if it doesn’t means it will require a shorter axle.

Why would a seized bearing cut strings any faster tha one that’s not seized?

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I think it’s mostly because of the force against the thin part of the string. When thrown, the yoyo and the bearing spin as a whole before the yoyo hits the bottom of the string. Once it hits the bottom, the outer race of the bearing doesn’t spin while the ball bearings and the inner race spin together with the yoyo which doesn’t put much force on the string. When the bearing is seized up, the whole bearing spins together with the yoyo, which puts a much larger force on the string, making the string more susceptible to breaking.


Interesting thoughts. So I may be possible to make it responsive, maybe.

Sounds like I’d need to experiment. Issue is, I don’t own it, and was considering purchasing it if I could make it responsive. Hmmm.,

I’ve had mine responsive, it’s fun set up that way. I just used Brain Lube on a flat bearing.

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