Can someone tell me extensively how to deshield a DM2 speed bearing

All bearings with removable shields use the same advice. Some are easier than others. I find most YYJ Speed bearings are fairly easy to remove.

so once i remove everything i dont have to put anything back?

It’s up to you. I recommend putting the shields back on, so that’s my official position. The reality is if you want to, that’s fine, and if you don’t that’s perfectly OK as well. It’s your choice and your preference. As for me, if I have a bearing that has shields, those shields go back on, but that’s my choice. I just like things all “proper” and “buttoned up”, but that’s just me.

You don’t have to put the shields back on, however some people (myself included) put them back on to help prevent things from getting into the bearing.

Edit: whoops, too late. What Studio said

I recommend not putting them back on. You can lube it whenever, it’s a pain to get them back on, it is also easier to clean so you don’t repeat the above^.

Putting them back on is pretty easy, though I’ve poked myself with the sharp ends of the C-Clip before.

I only re-shield mine because I tend to swap bearings all around and experiment with them… I have identifying marks on the shields.

Otherwise, I wouldn’t bother.