Can someone post some good Rejections?


I’m just looking for a few new Rejections tricks to help me get started on making my own.



[i]It’s not you, it’s me.[i]???



I’m just not ready for anything serious.


I think we should just be friends ( ironically you got unfriended on facebook last night ).



Sometimes I feel like we are too different.

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I just don’t like you any more. Your stuff is outside.


Ill film a tutorial


I did this in two minutes. Really bad but gets the point across.


I like some of the 1.5 mount rejections. Search for them, and you’ll find christopher chia or something. Its cool as a repeater!


OMG the dings.


even better. It’s not me it’s you. G2 jake just made a tut for the 1.5 rejection whip


How old are you?


Does it really matter?

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Go up to a girl and be like ‘Do you have any tape? Because I’m totally ripped.’ Pretty much guarantee you’ll get rejected and possibly slapped in the face. I know an even worse one that I can’t post here lol… Being serious though, just make them up. Find an easy way to bind in the middle of a trick, and then just miss and swing it back. Just screw up a LOT and youll make some cool stuff in the process. I make up rejections all the time. Good luck!


I think that you are thinking of regenerations.


I get those confused too


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Oh wow, you’re right. I should stop posting when I’m half dead at night haha