The rejection thread!


What are some different rejection tricks besides “Magic Drop”. Videos/examples would be appreciated!


A lot of my tricks have been rejected. No one liked them so I gave up on them. Anyway… there really aren’t very many rejection tricks, the way I define rejection.


Never give up! I want to see a video I bet your great :o


Hey listen… It’s not you, it’s me. Sorry.




Most on-topic thread I’ve seen today


Only one I know is superman. Plenty of tutorials around, but it’s fairly difficult (at least for me).


A big S/O to Basepi for not making bad puns! However I do really enjoy the puns.


I can be pretty punny when I want to… :wink:


Lots of them look like this


Turbo encabulator !


heres a few of my favorite rejections

might want some thick string for this one but its fun!!!

(LordCanti) #13

This is EXACTLY what I thought this thread was about originally. XD


This is great! Thanks!