Can someone help me with this trick?

On that video, 40 seconds to 44 seconds. I really really want to learn this, any tips or maybe even a name so i can find a how to video?

Thanks guys!!!

It’s just a bucketful of Lindy Loops as far as I can tell.

Just really fast? But whats the twist on the way down? it looks so cool!

Just unwinding one turn with his TH instead of rolling the yoyo out of one loop. Do a Lindy Loop and you’ll see how it can be done. :wink:

is lindy loops just kinda landing trapeze over and over?

Yup. Yotricks calls them Double Trapezes.

I can get it to the top and back down but it just doest look the same. Maybe just i need to get the TH around thing better?

I dunno, but I’ll tell you this: Joey makes it look easy! After replying to this post, I busted out my yoyo because hey, even though it’s “just” Lindy Loops on the front style (so, under instead of over) it DOES indeed look cool.

It’s deceptively hard. I couldn’t get it ensmoothened for the life of me!

lol thats just a whole buncha lindy loops with a bit of glamour

That looks really cool :stuck_out_tongue: