Can somebody tell me a little about the S Kon Vektor

I’ve seen this yoyo mentioned only a few times and can’t find any info/specs or anything about it.

Any info would be better than what I’ve gathered so far as I’ve only seen someone mention it could be had for $700 but then didnt follow up from where.

I’d like to acquire some of the crazier yoyos but would need to hear a lot more about them as well. They are pretty for sure.

S.kon is short for shinobu konmoto

The vektor was sold back in 2008 to pay for his trip to worlds for $700 or so and I believe he did 1 more run later on. He had 2 different versions of the vektor. One with an undercut and one without.

I also believe Nathan owns one and he frequents this board

BTW for those that haven’t seen his work:


So any idea how many were made, material, etc…?

They’re aluminum with carbon fiber added to the hubs

I believe he makes them in runs of 10 so maybe 40 total or so

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That iron man yoyo looks crazy! Good luck on your hunt and I look forward to seeing your haul onces you find one or two!

Dat vertical O_O

The Vektor is aluminum with a carbon fiber veneer. The original one was black and I think went to Eric Wolff. He then made a run of three red ones that he sold personally (I have one of those). There may have been a few more sold at an overseas store after that too.

I’ll take some pictures of mine when I’m at home this weekend.

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